Sneak Peek into our room at the R.A.P. Dreamhouse

I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what goes into designing a room as we pull together the office in the RAP Dreamhouse.  You will be able to see the finished room during the RAP tour of Homes April 26th and 27th. For more information you can visit the RAP website

Starting with a mostly empty canvas. The home owners desk and wall paper will stay.   


Though five of the eight walls have something on them, windows, fireplace and doors, there is still enough wall space  to display art  and still leave room for seating.

Deciding on lighting height and style is important in a small room   

Swapping the frame on a painting can be a solution when you love the art but it isn't fitting into the feel of the room.

Finding a rug for an odd shaped room can be difficult but using these hide rugs you can layer them or spread them out to fit any space. 

Now with some key pieces in place we can start to add seating and layer the room and totally Jujz up the space. 

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