RAP Dreamhouse Home Office

It was a great experience participating in the RAP Dreamhouse. It was a lot of work but judging from the response of those of you that came by over the two days of the Dreamhouse it was well worth it.

A big thank you to those that came by and I look forward to seeing you at Mineral City when you come out to Ponte Vedra Beach.

View as you enter the RAP Dreamhouse Office  as decorated by Laura at Mineral City. The hide rug was added to add a manly feel as well softening the sounds but keeping the hardwood floors. Pops of color are provided by the Tibetan sheep fur pillows in light green on the chairs.
Detail of The camel and storage jars on office desk

The corner fireplace, decorated with Foo Dogs and Orchids, topped off with a antiqued finished convex mirror that reflects the Chandelier  and rest of the light from the large windows in the room.
The main overhead light source is this 13 light chevron chandelier

Designer Laura West welcomes you to her finished space.

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